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Your Data, Our Solution

It all starts with understanding your data. Data is essentially everywhere and in every decision we make.
Learn how our services will simplify, optimize, and solve all of your data needs.


We provide services for building complex data ingestion from sources existing on premise through the cloud and into various destinations from RBMS to Data Lakes leveraging various technologies such as Hadoop and other tools.


We work across the core data warehousing technologies of SQL Server, Oracle, Teradata, Redshift to provide you the best options to optimize cost, performance, and scalability.


We provide services to move your organization into a data driven culture by providing evaluation of your current data maturity across nine criteria and building a plan to drive the organization to the levels you want to achieve.

Big Data
and MPP

We have extensive experience with Big Data distributions. We have expertise working on some of the largest clusters in the world, and work very quickly to drive value and simplifying the complex nature of Big Data solutions.


We define and deliver a data governance program that is aligned to ensure best overall management of the availability, usability, integrity, and security of your data to meet the growing enterprise needs.


We apply customization of your data into cleaned, conformed, and standardized data structures to deliver the most accurate and trusted insights.


We deliver value in data through our analytics group's ability to perform scientific analysis. Our services will prove out your decisions, theories, and model(s) of your most complex data.


We're experts in building complex data models for the various data storage mechanisms of RDMS, NO/SQL, Columnar, and in-memory database. We support all of your Cloud needs in delivering exceptional time to market, scale, and ROI.


Providing the right visual is key for gaining insights from your data. We provide the talent in building your data into dashboards, infographics, and making any presentation better for management.

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